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yoyoyoyo check out ma new movie thang G dawg. hood.

It's truly amazing.


2012-07-11 16:00:57 by someplaceelse

to the CSSSA (California State School of summer art or something I don't know) but it's an art school that I tried out and I'm leaving this Saturday

I'm also working on my flashes yes I am I never stopped, ;)


2012-04-08 15:41:59 by someplaceelse

Someday I'll show you something new, something for 2012. Someday I'll be creative. Maybe you'll see Spring Park soon. Keep watching me.



2012-01-01 01:02:00 by someplaceelse

So I made a bunch of stuff in 2011. Even though I only made like 7 movies, they were all fine. So yah 2011 was a good year. 2012 however is going to be more epic, hopefully... you'll see.

Alright time for annual thank yous:

Thank you to all of my friends in real life - for voice acting and support

Thank you to Red7227 - for TRYING to voice act and support.

Thank you for ThreeStar - for responding to my gift to her. No joke you do not know how much it meant to me. :c

Thank you to Ecopipe - for following me and my work

Thank you to MagicMicheal and OutcastLabs - for offering to collaborate with me (sorry I couldn't get anything done, I was way to busy :c )

Thank you for anyone who reviewed my art and animation I appreciate it <3

alright now, REVOLUTION TIME!!!!

For my New Years revolution I want to Collaborate on a flash project (besides voice acting)

alright bye now, oh yah and my friend wanted me to post these: /158528234249605?ref=ts


La Vie Rouge!

2011-12-29 01:05:46 by someplaceelse

will be released NEW YEARS EVE a long with (MAYBE) a small Christmas Treat!

good night


2011-12-03 16:28:34 by someplaceelse

And it's beginning to snow!

5 seconds, what musical is that from?

Like MEWsic to my ears

2011-10-06 18:26:13 by someplaceelse

it's my birthday! :D :D :D :D


2011-07-13 22:15:40 by someplaceelse

Hello it's meh

So yah I'm making a movie. It's going to be great. "/0"

Also La Vie Rouge is almost here! :D


Yah, I missed ya.

Weeeelll I can't actually say that since technically I've been here like every day anyway. I just haven't been... well... flash-ualy active.

And trust me I've been working on Flashes since the year rose.

First, I submitted this one to day "Let us go" is going to be my open round flash for the TOFA. You like that right?

Second, I made a comeback message for Dailytoons, my favorite series on Newgrounds <3 for Threestar.

THIRD, and this is the big one.

"La Vie Rouge", an epic tale of discrimination, with other elements that I have never experimented with before. It is nearly done, just waiting for some lines from my OTHER voice actress (Red7227).

And That's alll now. Tout le mond, fous le camp.