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2009-10-05 17:55:07 by someplaceelse

I'm done with my animation for my birthday I'm going to submit that tomorrow, witch s my birthday, and I'm going to start doing the vocals for my halloween animation. That, and I've redesigned my website.

WHAT? Porgy? Oh well here you go:

porgy |%u02C8pôrg%u0113|
noun ( pl. same or -gies)
a deep-bodied fish related to the sea breams, typically silvery but sometimes changing to a blotched pattern. It usually lives in warm coastal waters. %u2022 Calamus and other genera, family Sparidae: many species.
ORIGIN mid 17th cent.: alteration of Spanish and Portuguese pargo.



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2009-10-07 23:03:28

No comments for poor old porgy. ;p