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OMG this is one of the greatest things I've seen in a while XDDDD
love the story line, general direction, and voice acting the best...
the animation was great, all though art-wise I think I prefer darker outlines... but that's just my preference.
The main reason I took off half a star is because I think it ended to soon... DX other than that keep up the good work!

Sexual-Lobster responds:


So yah, your getting there.

I vaguly remember the last time you posted something like this I was all "Yah it needs work" but now I think you listened to me and other reviewers and I can see the actual improvments coming out of it. Like you actually drew the girl this time. I mean sure the artwork can still use a little work but that comes with practice (and not just cartoon drawing practice, like actual life drawing... which might sound strange, but it works). The animation has improved too, but like it still needs a little work. The tweening in particular, the frame by frame is all right. So yah it's all right! The thing you should focus on now is practice, really.

Yusuf responds:

Thanks, man! It's appreciated!

Nooott bbaadd

Pretty sweet stuff you have here man... I don't know what to say, except excellent work.

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Ok so it's a pretty good game overall. I loved the sound effects The atmosphere was pretty good too, however I would have made the music a little more... suspenseful and silent, if you know what i'm saying. The gameplay was pretty fun too, however, in my opinion, it was too difficult for enjoyment... I guess that's not really something I can say... but I personally would enjoy it more if the gameplay had more to do with uncovering the more of the story vs. jumping and avoiding spikes. The art was pretty effective as well, however, like the gameplay it can be improved by making all the pixels the same size (like for exaple, some of the paintings in the background had big pixels vs. the spikes in the foreground). Also the spikes could be more symmetrical and the lines a little less jagged.

So overall, even though there are aspects of this game that can be improved on, it is certainly not amateur and feels pretty solid.

(Oh and you can jump behind one of the paintings... I am not sure if that's intentional XD )

ecopipe responds:

Oh thanks for your review! :) The game is meant to be very difficult. Have you ever played super meat boy? :) Now this game is really inspired by that game. :) Oh and the painting is a bug i forgot to fix, it was not intentional.


This is a pretty solid RPG, but I do have a few problems with it. The first thing is that the story line is really, really unoriginal. When your making a game, you should try to make a game that gives me a reason why I should play it and not, say, Final Fantasy or something like that. The second thing was how not detailed the over world was. Usually in RPG's like this one. I have the freedom to move nearly wherever I want, where in this game, my directions have been limited to very few points.

I like the game overall though. I especially like the fact how it doesn't use the mouse. The ghraphics were wonderful. Every detailed was defined, and that's something to be proud of. The gameplay was easy and enjoyable, and oretty much what kept me going through a lot of the game. Anyways, good game, I'd give it an over all of 9/10 and 4/5.

Looks good so far

I like the look of it so far, the game looks like it is going to be great! :) My suggestions before you release it: Less bitmaps, I think that google images, etc. prevent the game from looking professional. If your not all that good at art, you could get an artist on Newgrounds to do it for you. :P

Anyway that's my suggestion good luck on the game.

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This is just.... wonderful.

Nothing to change in my opinion... keep at it! :)

Calamaistr responds:

heh thanks, sorry for the 100 years due for my response.


I love it... so heart-warming.

I luved it

However, I voted 0 just as you requested. It hurt kind of when I pressed the "0" button.

Blade9000 responds:


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Looks like an illiustration

Yummy picture, and actually the crosshatch style shading reminds me of that guy who did the Limeny Snicket books... whaat's his name? I forgot.


cute simple... I like it! maybe a little more contrast between the skin and it's shadows. You should try flash animation! You'd be good at makin art in flash...


It's amazing... not only is it realistic, but if it was a photo I'd be impressed, the lighting is beautiful, and the details on the clothes are absolutely astounding....

I'm sorry to say I can't find anything to critique; so just keep drawing!

1600 responds:

Thank you!

"Life! Death! Life! Death!" - Patrick Star

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